About Us

The Journal of Nano Systems & Technology (JNST) publishes the results of leading nanoscale research.

The JNST electronic journal reports significant results of multidisciplinary nano technology research across scientific, engineering and medical disciplines. The JNST is scheduled to publish its next issue in January 2011.

Areas covered by the JNST include nano technologies related to the following:
(1) materials,
(2) environmental,
(3) biomedical,
(4) RFID,
(5) power sources and energy scavenging,
(6) automotive and aerospace,
(7) IT,
(8) terahertz wireless,
(9) macro and micro technologies that directly support and contribute to the development of nano systems and technology,
(10) nano sensors and actuators,
(11) nano systems, and
(12) other nano areas.

Visit the JNST’s Information for Authors page for more information about areas covered by the JNST.